Parenting has become more and more complicated and adding the internet to the mix makes it scary. Social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have parents scrambling with what to do. Social media sites are advancing so quickly that it often seems impossible for parents to keep up.

Here are some hints on how to parent kids when it comes to technology:

1. Almost all social media sites have age requirements; follow and enforce them with your children. Most sites require children to be 13 to sign up, while other like Vine require users to be 17.

2. Just because the minimum age requirement is 13 or 17 your child should be mature and responsible enough to use good judgment offline before becoming active online.

3. Use social media. As a parent become active on social media sites. Join the same sites your children are using and learn how they work. Follow, friend, like them or do whatever the site requires for you to monitor their activity. Don’t embarrass them by commenting on their posts just be there.

4. Review and implement privacy settings on social media accounts with your children. Remind your children not to share personal information about themselves, their family or their friends online. All profiles should be set to private. Kids should only accept friends or followers that they know in real life.

5. Stress manners. Remind children that interactions on social media are just like the “real world”. Practice respect, good judgement, kindness, and always use proper language.

6. Social media is a privilege. If your children are misusing social media take the privilege away.

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